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Wall Design (Custom)

2. Pick a size
Arrange a few canvases to make an attractive wall feature.

Upload your files below and email us the width of the biggest canvas and we will send you a screen proof design with costing by email

Canvas Prints: Beautifully presented, high quality photo on canvas prints expertly made and hand-stretched over 38mm (2 inch) deep wood frame.

Sample prices below OR email us button below and we will send a quote
$ 295.00

  • Some split canvas ideas in the same lounge for you
  • You can have any split that works with your image and size
  • Decide on the total width on the wall for all the panels and advise us
  • We will work out the rest for you

Click the shiney new button below so you can send us your image and we can work out a quick quote for your Split Panel (any dimensions or sizes available)

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